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Helden der Gesell­schaft

Helden der Gesellschaft is an image campaign for AWO Vita gGmbH, addressed to potential trainees. Through an image film, the goal is to provide an insight into the profession of a qualified nurse with a special focus on the importance of the profession in society. Qualified nurses are indispensable heroes who keep our society alive. In additional photographic material for online advertising, responsibility, professional perspectives and benefits of the profession are illustrated.
elderly care nurses
Hospital bed

Düsseldorf Wehr­hahn-Linie

The underground stations of the Düsseldorf Wehrhahn Line were already opened in 2016. In addition to the relocation of a large part of the above-ground line network underground, the underground stations themselves are also well worth seeing. The stations get their special appeal from the individual design of selected artists. 6 different concepts transform each station into a work of art in its own right and make the train journey an experience in itself.
Benrather Straße 3
U-Bahnhof Graf Adolf Platz
Heinrich-Heine-Allee 1
Heinrich-Heine-Allee 5
Kirchplatz 3
Pempelforter Straße 1
Schadowstraße 1

Ent­schei­den Sie!

In a special edition of the magazine of the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf, the philosophical group denXte, an interactive philosophical lecture series, focused on the question of the political decision on organ donation. Arguments are used to explain the two positions discussed to the reader, enabling him to make his own decision. The photographic series documented the planning process of this thought experiment.

The Begin­ning

The Beginning is a free work that teases the story of a fictional film. In a short excerpt the content of the theme of death is given. It deals with the question where the border between murder and self-defence is drawn. Is death the avoidable end, or can it also be seen as an opportunity and a new beginning? Through the symbolic washing the meaning of the dead tilts and opens a new approach. The sound design was created by Jenny Winter.
The Beginning

Florian Kaiser-Winter

Florian Kaiser-Winter is a German photographer and filmmaker based in Düsseldorf. Through his bachelor's degree in communication design and his specialisation in the Master of Photographic Studies, he offers a wide range of skills. In addition to the photographic implementation of concrete projects, he also offers the possibility to create an individual concept tailored to his clients. In the field of film Florian Kaiser-Winter works with the support of a well-established team, which realises every project with creativity and know-how. Through his certification as a drone pilot, new perspectives are opened up and captivating accents are set.

Florian Kaiser-Winter