From architectural photography
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Architectural photography

Architecture is more than just a finished building. Architecture is dynamic, is used by people and contains many stories that want to be told. In fact, most buildings are experienced through images. With appealing architectural photography, you can reach a wider audience, strengthen your reputation and receive more lucrative inquiries. The most important factors are an eye for detail, interesting perspectives and a captivating atmosphere. Your project must stand out from the crowd and create an emotional connection with the audience. People are an important factor here. Protagonists (testimonials) or anonymous users bring your project to life and create a bond. When used correctly, architectural photography becomes part of your corporate identity and makes your projects come alive and tangible.

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Interior photography

Photographing interior design requires special skills. Interior design covers more than just the structural design of interiors. Design, materials, furniture, even spirituality are elements that can be very important for the experience of a room. A sense of sensitivity and an eye for detail are needed to ensure that the atmosphere is transferred directly into the shots. The right light and balanced lighting are particularly important for an outstanding interior photo. The aim is to create the feeling that you are immersed in the picture at that moment. For the perfect look, the arrangement of the interior, furniture, lamps and accessories are essential components of an atmospheric shot. The precise inclusion of people can create additional closeness and bring the scenery to life with a natural look.

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Building documentation

The documentation of a construction project provides an exciting overview of the project development. The phased recording of construction progress is particularly interesting for larger projects. With vivid images of people, machines and the development of the designed spaces, you receive extensive visual material. You can use this for publications or social media and keep customers and business partners up to date. Take your community with you on this special journey when your planning, your project, comes off the paper and becomes reality.


Business facilities

Your company's spaces are more than just a workplace. They are the place where your employees spend a major part of the day. An atmospheric interior with an appealing design shows your business facilities as an oasis of well-being where employees feel at home. Pictures in which you show the advantages and atmosphere of your company will set you apart from competitors. In this way, you create incentives and present yourself as an attractive employer.

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Would you trust an advertising promise blindly? Probably not. That's why it's important to build trust in order to convince customers. Let your customers or employees speak and show that your promises are not just empty words. Testimonials are the best way to transparently show what your company and your products are all about. Testimonial videos give an insight into your company or show how your product works in action. At the same time, you underline the quality, functionality and satisfaction of your customers through their personal opinion.

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Corporate videos

As the name suggests, an corporate video should present the image of your company. However, it is not only important to show your values, benefits, business premises and work processes. An image film needs a story and protagonists who create an emotional connection. The viewer should watch attentively for as long as possible and remember a positive image at the end. That's why we develop an individual story for each corporate video that guides the viewer through the film. Your employees take center stage and give your company a trustworthy face. This is an essential factor, especially when it comes to recruiting new employees.

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Architectural photography


To help me get a first impression of your project, you are welcome to send me initial visualizations and impressions of the project with your inquiry. We will then discuss your wishes and requirements and get to know each other personally. In order to achieve the best possible results, it is particularly important that my visual language and the identity of your office harmonize.


To get a first impression of your project, you are welcome to let me know what is important to you when you make your inquiry. If you don't yet have any concrete ideas, you can rely completely on our creativity. We will get to know each other personally to clarify all the details and what is particularly important to you. Perhaps the first ideas will even emerge during the conversation.

After we have discussed all the important details of your project, I will send you an offer tailored to your individual needs. This includes a precise list of the required services, previously discussed wishes and the definition of usage rights.


Once I know what you are looking for, I will make you an individual offer. Depending on the type and scope of the film, I will decide how many days of shooting, post-production, etc. will be required. All items are listed transparently. For smaller budgets, it is also possible to reduce the workload and associated costs.

The creation of a storyboard is normally not part of a photo production in an architectural context. However, if you would like a story that links all the shots together, we will be happy to develop a concept for you. For example, protagonists or elements could appear repeatedly in the images, thus creating a common thread. This approach would also be interesting for a later book design or brochure.


Once you have decided to work with us, the most important step in the production process begins: creating the storyboard. With the storyboard, we invent the story according to which your video story will be told. For a better imagination, we also look for matching mood images so that you can imagine exactly what the film will look like. After creating the storyboard, we discuss the film idea again together and make any necessary changes.

If you have decided to work with me, I look forward to photographing your project. But before we can get started, careful organization is required. In order to be able to work as efficiently as possible, it is important to get a precise impression of the location in advance. This allows us to know exactly when the building is in the best light and which organizational issues still need to be clarified. The best way to do this is to meet in person at the project.


Good planning is the key factor for an efficient production. We use the storyboard to create a shooting schedule with all the important information. Which scenes can be shot together? In which order?  Who has to be somewhere and when? Are props needed? All questions are answered in the schedule and sent to you in advance for preparation. In this way, operational procedures can be taken into account and you won't have to go to any inconvenience.

It's time. All the preparations have been made, the weather forecast is right and everyone who needs to be informed knows. Normally, our working day starts before sunrise so that we are already on location at the golden hour. The interior shots then follow during the rest of the day. If your schedule has some free capacity, we are happy for you to join us. Thanks to good planning, however, we can also manage on our own.


On the day of the video shoot, we arrive at the appointed time. We arrive 1-2 hours before the official start to prepare everything and set up the equipment. We then follow the shooting schedule. Depending on the production requirements, we arrive with 2-4 people.  Two cameramen and optionally a sound engineer and make-up artist.

Finally, the images are selected and retouched. In the selection, we put together a good mix of portrait and horizontal formats, as well as wide shots and details. This gives you a perfect mix that you can use for brochures, social media or the website. When it comes to retouching, less is more. Natural colors and minimal adjustments ensure that your project is presented authentically. You will usually receive the finished images within a week via a download link.


In post-production, we merge the filmed material according to the storyboard. You will receive an initial raw version within a week after shooting. In addition to the music used, we usually have 2-3 alternative songs for you to choose from. Once we have your approval for the basic cut, the fine tuning begins. Fade-ins, complex cuts and color grading will complete the film. Once you have approved this version of the film, the final editing of the sound is carried out. Approximately 2-3 weeks after shooting, you will receive the finished film via a download link.

Your feedback is very important to us. If you notice anything after the retouched images have been delivered, please get in touch. Our ambition is to present your project as naturally as possible. To this purpose, we take care to intervene only minimally in the image through retouching. Should further adjustments be necessary afterwards, we will be happy to adjust them further.


Your feedback is very important for the video production. Since the conception and shooting of an advertising film is very complex, we need your feedback in order to be able to work efficiently and cost-optimized. In general, we need about 3 feedback loops during the production process. One during the creation of the storyboard and 2 during editing.

  Our Base

Your satisfaction is our priority. Our aim is to inspire you and your customers. To achieve this, we proactively think ahead and offer you a comprehensive range of services through advice and creativity. No matter what you want, we make it possible. As a reliable partner, you can always rely on us.

Despite careful planning, often not everything goes smoothly during productions. Sudden changes in the weather, illness of protagonists, etc. We either have a plan B ready or find a spontaneous solution. That's our job: we are creatives who are there for you with a wealth of ideas and finesse in all situations. No matter what happens, we will find a suitable solution. We promise!

Flexibility is essential in our job. Not only when problems challenge us, we try to adapt to the conditions. Even if you have a spontaneous idea or a special request. We do everything for you to take these into account. We always go the extra mile, because your satisfaction is what motivates us.

A promise is a promise! From the preparation of the pricing to the convenient delivery of the final data. You can rely on us. We communicate transparently and keep you up to date on all project phases. If the effort involved is more than calculated in the pricing, no problem. We will keep to the contract price and take on the extra work.

We give everything for our customers. But we give much more! We are constantly working on new concepts, innovative solutions and creative image ideas for our customers. We also keep a close eye on the market and current trends. But that's not enough for us! We want to offer you photos and videos that are unique and stand out on the market. We are fully committed to this.