Schadowstraße Metro Station
Düsseldorf Wehrhahn line

The architecture of the Schadowstraße metro station integrates into the open architecture of the Wehrhahn line. The orientation of the station space is parallel to the popular shopping street that gives the station its name and reflects the direction of the flow of people. Inside the station, passengers can look forward to an interactive video installation by artist Ursula Damm, which audiovisually abstracts the hustle and bustle of the urban space. A direct visual relationship is also created architecturally through a skylight above the tracks. The station space is understood as an extension of the urban space. In the following architectural photographs you can get your own impression of the design.
Treppenaufgang U-Bahnhof Schadowstraße
Verteilerebene U-Bahnhof Schadowstraße
Zugang Stationsraum Schadowstraße
Detail Wandgestaltung Schadowstraße
Stationsraum Gleise Bahnhof Schadowstr.
Luftraum U-Bahnhof Schadowstraße
Detail Ursula Damm Turnstile Schadowstr.
Studio: Netzwerkarchitekten Darmstadt | Completion: 2016 | Client: independent project