Pempelforter Straße Metro Station
Düsseldorf Wehrhahn line

The design of the Pempelforter Straße metro station stands out with its graphic design and captivates with its architectural finesse. Stairs lead from two opposite distribution levels to the tracks of the Wehrhahn Line. Large windows connect the space between the transit and access areas. The design of the station was developed by Heike Klussmann and is entitled "Surround". It is the result of an experimental game of light and darkness, of urban space and underground station. The basis of the design is the view of the station as a black space into which rays of light penetrate from all entrances and spread out as if in a hall of mirrors. The result is an expanded perception of the space through the architecture of the space. The following architectural photographs will give you an idea of how art and architecture come together.
Verteilerebene Pempelforter Straße
Verteilerebene Bahnhof Pempelforter Str.
Treppenabgang Bahnhof Pempelforter Str.
Stationsraum Gleise Pempelforter Straße
Treppenaufgang Bahnhof Pempelforter Str.
Stationsraum Bahnhof Pempelforter Straße
Detail Heike Klussmann Surround
Studio: Netzwerkarchitekten Darmstadt | Completion: 2016 | Client: independent project