Kirchplatz Metro Station
Düsseldorf Wehrhahn line

When you enter the Kirchplatz metro station, you are immersed in a bright space of orange and white. The staircase is flanked by an air space that allows a direct view onto the tracks. In her work "Spur X", Enne Hähnle uses the open space designed by Netzwerkarchitekten Darmstadt and enters into a symbiosis with it. The open architecture allows the orange sculptural lettering elements to unfold and offers the opportunity to view them from all points in the room. At the same time, daylight reaches the tracks and opens up the underground station space to the city. The following architectural photographs illustrate the conceptual interaction of art and architecture and show the uniqueness of the Düsseldorf Wehrhan line.
Verteilerebene U-Bahnhof Kirchplatz
Verteilerebene U-Bahnhof Kirchplatz 2
Treppenabgang U-Bahnhof Kirchplatz
Enne Hähnle Spur X U-Bahnhof Kirchplatz
Luftraum U-Bahnhof Kirchplatz
Stationsraum U-Bahnhof Kirchplatz
Wandgestaltung U-Bahnhof Kirchplatz
Studio: Netzwerkarchitekten Darmstadt | Completion: 2016 | Client: independent project