Heinrich-Heine-Allee Metro Station
Düsseldorf Wehrhahn line

The Heinrich-Heine-Allee metro station forms the heart of Düsseldorf's Wehrhan line. It connects the new line with the existing network and required a great deal of planning work. Access to the platforms had to be provided on three levels: From the distribution level of the existing station, from the existing tracks and from the urban space. The different access points resulted in various project spaces, which were individually designed by the artist Ralf Brög. Since 2016, the new metro line has been in operation and transports thousands of people every day. Contrary to its primary use as a transportation route, however, passengers encounter a constant change of different works of art. The following architectural photographs show the impressive interaction between art and architecture.
Stationsraum Heinrich-Heine-Allee
Rolltreppe Bahnhof Heinrich-Heine-Allee
Wandgestaltung Heinrich-Heine-Allee
Treppenaufgang Heinrich-Heine-Allee
Detail Fassade Heinrich-Heine-Allee
Zugang U-Bahnhof Heinrich-Heine-Allee
Treppenabgang Heinrich-Heine-Allee 2
Detail U-Bahnhof Heinrich-Heine-Allee
Zugang Stationsraum Heinrich-Heine-Allee
Studio: Netzwerkarchitekten Darmstadt | Completion: 2016 | Client: independent project