Institutes of Physics
Goethe University Frankfurt

The institutes of physics of the Goethe University Frankfurt are located on the eastern edge of the campus. The building complex extends parallel to Altenhöferallee on a slope. Access is via Max-von-Laue Straße. The complex is divided into four blocks running parallel to the street, which are connected by stairways, bridges and a tunnel. The three-storey glass bridge, which extends over the inner courtyard of the entrance area, is particularly striking. There is a small lecture hall in the building, which was built as a room within a room. There is also a café in the basement, from which you can look directly into one of the large laboratories. The open, green stairwells are also particularly impressive, offering a direct view of the skyline of Frankfurt through the building's full-height glass façade. The building was designed by the architectural firm BJW Architekten and was completed in 2005. A visual impression is provided by the following architectural photographs.
Straßenansicht Architektur Physik
Flur mit Sichtbeton Institute Physik
Raum Sichtbeton Physikalische Institute
Treppenhaus Physikalische Institute
Detail Architektur Institute Physik
Detail Café Physik Campus Riedberg
Interieur Café Physik Campus Riedberg
Tunnel Institute Physik Campus Riedberg
Glasbrücke Physikalische Institute
Detail Glasfassade Institute Physik
Studio: BJW Architekten | Completion: 2005 | Client: independent project