Institutes of Geosciences
Goethe University Frankfurt

Since 2007, all geoscience institutes of the Goethe University Frankfurt have been united in one building on the Riedberg campus. The building, which is located on the south-eastern flank of the campus on Altenhöferallee, was designed by ArGe Architekten. On entering the building, a central open staircase extends over three levels. The individual institutes, whose rooms are arranged in a U-shape and frame an inner courtyard, can be reached from the stairwell. In the center of the inner courtyard is a stone-lined area. Another striking feature is the natural stone floor on the first floor, which creates a direct link to the faculty. There is also a large lecture hall with wooden panels on the first floor. The following architectural photographs give an impression of the building design.
Architekturfotografie Geowissenschaften
Treppenhaus Institute Geowissenschaften
Flur mit Oberlicht Geowissenschaften
Detail Materialien Geowissenschaften
Verkleidung Hörsaal Geowissenschaften
Hörsaal Institute Geowissenschaften
Studio: ArGe Architekten | Completion: 2007 | Client: independent project