Greenhouse and science garden
Goethe University Frankfurt

The natural science garden of the Goethe University is located on the southern tangent of the campus below the Biologicum. There are two greenhouses and an open garden area of around three hectares on the site. This area is to be expanded to seven hectares in the future. One of the greenhouses dates back to 1980 and is located in the center of the garden. The second is located directly at the entrance and was built in 2013 according to a design by the architectural firm Königs Architekten. The round shape consisting of three halls allows an ideal vertical incidence of light and minimizes the energy requirement. The different heights of the chambers result from the hillside location and enable optimal use of light. In addition to the research purpose, many plants are also exhibited in the greenhouses and on the open space, which are also open to the public during the summer months between 9.00 and 14.30. One highlight is the medicinal garden, which presents all medicinal plants according to their natural substance classes. The following architectural photographs give a first impression of the layout.
Architekturfotografie Gewächshaus
Innenaufnahme Gewächshaus
Gewächshaus Aufbau Wissenschaftsgarten
Arzneimittelgarten Campus Riedberg
Wissenschaftsgarten mit Gewächshaus
Studio: Königs Architekten | Completion: 2013 | Client: independent project